Putting green flags and putting green cups are only a few of the thingns you will need to make your outdoor putting green a true showplace. We have an extensive inventory of the 'extras' you will need. Everything from custom embroidered flags to a wide selection of putting green cups and flagsticks....

DIY Artificial Lawns

Installing a waterless grass lawn, or artificial grass lawn, if you prefer can be a DIY task. We provide you with step by step installation instructions too. Just know that if you take some extra time in the planning process you can have the process go much smoother. To get goin in the right direction you will need to...

What is Included in Our DIY Backyard Putting Green Kits

The first question to answer is "Can I install a home putting green myself?". The answer is yes. The second question is "Will a DIY synthetic putting green look and perform as well as a professionally installed green?". Again, the answer is yes. But..... in order to have your DIY backyard putting green look and perform as well as one installed by a professional you need to take the time and install it the same way as a professional will.

It is not a complicated task but it does involve some physical labor. You can, and we suggest that you do, rent a few power tools to make the job a whole lot easier. Your local Home Depot, Lowes or equipment rental place will most likely have all the power tools you will need to install your backyard putting green in a professional manner. Our installation instructions will take you through the process step by step. Just know that for most people, installing a large home putting green is not a weekend project. For most people they end up spending about 4 days of actual labor, not counting the time spent lining up rental equipment and sub-base suppliers and infill. The result can be an excellent performing backyard putting green and the savings of thousands of dollars.

We offer three packages for the DIY crowd. The basic difference between the packages is the size of the synthetic green and the amount of fringe turf. Your probably have some specific ideas of exactly how you want your home putting green shaped and only you know how much of an area you have to dedicate to the putting green. For those reasons, we do not 'precut' the shape of our DIY packages. Shaping the green is a personal decision and we leave that up to you and our instructions give detailed step by step tasks to give you the shape that best fits your yard and what you want to see when you look out your patio door. Our DIY backyard putting green kits are designed to be the most flexible available.

What Our DIY Backyard Putting Green Packages Include
Putting Turf

Each of our packages includes the synthetic putting green turf you need for the size shown.

  • We use only the highest quality products in our DIY puting green kits. Unlike some of the competition who use their lowest quality products with the hope of their customers not knowing any better or not doing their research.

Fringe Turf

All kits with the exception of the Par Package include fringe turf around the putting area. Some kits have a 2' wide fringe area around the green, and others include a 3' fringe area around the green. As a personal preference you may elect to have more fringe turf in one area and less in another. Our kits give you the flexibility to design your putting green exactly the way you have in mind along with the amount of fringe turf that you think will look and perform best in your yard.

Putting Green Cups

All of our backyard putting green kits include putting green cups. The number of cups varies with the size of the green packages selected. These are all standard 6" deep (not the shallow practice green cups you sometimes see), they are all aluminum so they will not chip, crack or fade. They meet all PGA requirements. Some competitors use plastic cups that are prone to warp in the Texas sun or break or chip if you happen to hit the cup "on the fly" with a chip shot.

Putting Green Flags

The types and colors of putting green flags available is almost endless. From one color, to checkered, to custom embroidered.

  • Single color putting green flag (our most popular), available in white, black, or yellow. Unless otherwise specified we will ship white
  • Black and White Checkered Puttng Green Flags. These flags are not silkscreened like those used by some of our competitors. Ours are actually sewn squares of alternating black and white so you don't have to worry about them fading or the silkscreen ink flaking off.
  • Embroidered putting green flags. These are a special order item and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery but if you want the ultimate custom look, then they are something your should consider.
  • Silk Screened Flags. If you have a logo or a special design you would like on your putting green flags then these are for you. Again, they are a special order item and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Putting Green Flag bases, rods and handles

The flag rods come in either fiberglass or metal. They are sized for putting greens which means they are not the full 6' high, instead they are either 24" or 36" tall. If you want to install an area for long pitch shots to your putting geen and you want a full sized putting green flag, just let us know, we have those too.

  • Fiberglass putting green flag rod with metal base and handle
  • Metal putting green flag with metal base and handle


Some infill is required on all of our fringe turf and some people prefer to put a little on their putting green turf to help the ball check up on chip shots. We do not include infill in our kits because is it available locally and the shipping weight would make the cost prohibitive. Our installation instructions will give you suggestions on where to purchase your infill material. It's a common material so you don't have to worry about availability in your area.

Adhesive and seaming materials

You will have to seam the fringe turf to the putting green turf. Again, the instructions are very clear on how to do this. It's fairly simple to do. On all our DIY putting green kits that include fringe turf, we include the seaming material and the adhesive needed to properly install the seams. We even give you a little extra so you can practice first so your putting green seams will be perfect

Take a look at our DIY Artificial Putting Green Kits.